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Bellom Logistics provides end-to-end logistics and supply chain solution.

Beginning from its roots as a service-oriented freight forwarding company, Bellom Logistics has added significant competencies to become an integratedlogistics player with global and local reach.



To become a leading integrated global logistics and supply chain management company providing business enabling solutions and exceeding customer expectations.


To deliver customized and unique logistics solutions globally ensuring time and cost savings for customers in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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Inland Transportation


Air Freight

Over the years, the air freight industry has grown rapidly and has become the central medium for shipping worldwide. Because of its fast-paced nature, businesses of all sizes are increasingly seeking air freight for moving shipments.

Understanding what prompt delivery and speed mean to you, we are here to meet all your air freight needs.

From filing the right documentation to dealing with changing international trade policies, our air freight services cover it all. We are a one stop solution for all your air freight requirements.

Dealing with Airlines, we work with several charter and commercial airlines across the world. This enables us to offer you several choices in terms of reliable and well-connected air schedules and routes.

Our team handles all kinds of specialized cargo such as priority cargo, perishables, oversized, fragile items, Hazardous, etc. and air freight services are offered from every major international airport and from hubs across the world.

With our global network of air freight agents, you can ship anything to and from any place across the world. Whether you wish to expand your reach or optimize existing operations, our air freight services can help you achieve it.

Our logistics experts are always striving to provide you with air cargo solutions that are aligned with your budget and timelines. Be it choosing the fastest route or the most economical packaging material, our experts give you nothing but the best.

In addition to that, we also provide customized services to our air freight clients. Whether it’s handling shipments from port to port or making last-mile deliveries, we cater to all client specific requirements.


Ocean Freight

India is becoming a leading manufacturing hub, services centre and consumer market. Thus, international trade has been steadily increasing.

Bellom Logistics offers ocean freight services to a large portion of this vast market.

In addition togood relations maintained with shipping line, we can fulfil our customer’s needs and all necessary requirements. We are providing various ocean freight services like.

• Full Container Loads (FCL)
• Less-Than-Container Loads (LCL)
• Break Bulk

With our worldwide connections can handle your cargo on both sides of the ocean, ensuring secure, efficient and cost-effective delivery.

Our widespread agency network ensures that we are on hand to deliver customer satisfaction.

Our integrated operational style, with our on-ground service capabilities, ensures access to unlimited capacity for your cargo - anytime, anywhere and in any quantity.


Custom Clearance

Import and export of goods should undergo a customs clearance process.

We ‘re one of the leading Custom Clearing service provider, ensuring smooth and easy custom clearance for all our customers, so that customer receive their goods on time.

Our Customs Broker help ease Import and Export regulation and paperwork in record time for all of your shipments. Handling all the trade compliance and procedure, we help clear consignments by Air, Sea and Land more efficiently.

We have cleared all types of shipments, both major and minor, for a variety of goods from across the world with utmost precision. Being leading customs clearing service provider our expert team do a proper study of all local rules and regulations so that they can help you overcome even the most complex matters of trade compliance. We identify the demands, challenges and hurdles for your business and help you arrange your paperwork accordingly so that day-to-day formalities are met, and business flows smoothly.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of this sector have helped us offer customized solutions to all of our clients so that they can reduce lead time, optimize cash flow and minimize customs duties. With the required documents, our team of dedicated professionals ensures end-to-end solutions for both Import Customs Clearance and Export Customs Clearance in the most cost-effective manner.



Warehousing is without a doubt an integral part of supply chain management. Proper storage facilities with prompt and safe delivery of goods are needed to ensure supply matches demand.

To help facilitate the smooth functioning of this chain, we have curated a host of warehousing services that best suit your needs.

Our logistics experts always make sure they carefully study your requirements to provide you unique, innovative and economical warehousing solutions.

Whether you are a food retailer requiring cold storage facilities or a hardware manufacturer requiring spacious storages, we have warehousing services for everyone.

For those of you, who only require temporary storage facilities or small storage areas, we have multi-user warehouses. Organized to perfection, here goods of multiple customers are stored at the same place.

Our global network of warehousing agents ensures we have a storage facility for you wherever and whenever you need it. Utilizing this, we help you optimize your business and accelerate your reach on a global scale.

We believe in the power of innovation and try to incorporate it in everything we do, including warehousing. Our storage facilities come with best-in-class equipment that allow safe and easy handling of shipments.

Using our warehousing solutions, you can also track the storage and movement of your shipment from place to place.

To further simplify your logistical needs, we offer several value-added services as part of warehousing. In addition to cross-docking, our warehousing personnel also efficiently manage packing, re-exporting, labelling and kitting of goods.

Lastly, our warehousing solutions also come with the option of making last-mile deliveries for you. Utilizing our multimodal transport services, we make sure your goods reach their destination safely and on-time.

By co-locating these services with warehousing, we offer streamlined processes that result in ease of business and maximum cost savings for you.


Inland Transportation

When it comes to trucking, one must consider several factors such as compliant carriers, equipment availability, best routes etc. Understanding how overwhelming all this can be, we provide trucking solutions that handle all of this for you.

Utilizing our established relationships with reliable carriers across the world, we bring you top-notch trucking services for your shipments.

Whether you require temperature-controlled storage or liftgate trucks, our trucking solutions can cater to all your needs.

Our logistics associates always devise trucking solutions that best meet your needs and also guarantee safe and timely shipment delivery. You can trust us to fetch you the most lucrative deals in terms of quality, speed and cost.

In addition to that, we also have full truckload (FTL) and less-than truckload (LTL) shipping.

Owing to its nature, LTL involves multiple stops. However, we believe that is no excuse for longer transit times that can be avoided. That is why our trucking solutions come with the most optimized routes that ensure fastest transportation of your shipment.

Understanding the need for speedy deliveries, our trucking solutions also offer expedited freight. With almost no additional stops, we utilize this service to make overnight and same day deliveries for you.

We do everything in an organized manner. Whether it is paperwork or co-ordinating the various activities for moving shipments, our experts manage everything effortlessly. By planning everything beforehand, we make sure you get your desired service when and where you want it.

Lastly, we provide updates about shipment locations as part of our trucking services. Using this, you can always stay posted about your shipments.

With every detail taken care of efficiently, we thus make sure we make logistics for you as simple as possible.

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